Dave R

Dave before:

Dave has had a fear of the dentist ever since he was a child. There was a specific incident when he was 14 years old that traumatized him. He never wanted to see a dentist again. When Dave first came in for a consultation, the condition of his teeth were very bad. His teeth were chipping and breaking from excessive grinding and the overall health of his mouth. Being a Professional Poker player and being on TV, Dave realized that his overall smile and face was unattractive and change was needed.

Dave after:

Dave began his trasformation with bite treatment. He was very comfortable with the treatment and responded well. Once his temporary orthotics were placed, Dave looked like a new man. Not only was the procedure painless, he also had no recollection of ever having the procedure done until he notice a band aid where they had inserted a needle for IV sedation. At this point, Dave had no more anxiety of coming to the dentist for the rest of his procedures. Once his implants and crowns were finally in place, Dave and his girlfriend was completely astonished with the transformation. It was night and day. He now has a bright smile and also noted that he sleeps much deeper than usual. The only regret he had was that he did not do it earlier where he could have shown his pearly whites on the big stage of a televised poker tournament.